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XGMA Spare Parts (XCMG Accessories)

  • Booster maintenance packageBooster maintenance package
  • Brake shoeBrake shoe
  • FlangeFlange
  • Retainer ringRetainer ring
  • SealSeal
  • Seal BaseSeal Base
  • Square SealSquare Seal
  • Support frameSupport frame
  • Transmission filterTransmission filter
  • TandemTandem
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Supply Scope of XGMA Spare Parts:
We mainly provide for the excavators, bulldozers and loaders of XGMA spare parts, including air filters cleaner, diesel filter, differential mechanism, filter in hydraulic, flange shaft, gear ring (high), gear ring (short), gear ring, hydraulic filters, and oil filters etc. In Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd, there are mainly 5 kinds of machines: loader, excavator, road roller, road grader and bulldozer. Its loaders are divided into XG904, XG982, XG962, XG958, XG956, XG955, XG953, XG951, XG941 and XG932; its excavators fall into XG836LC, XG833, XG825LC, XG823, XG822LC, XG804, XG806, XG808, XG821 and XG815LC; its road graders consist of XG32201, XG32001, XG31802, XG31651; and bulldozer is XG4221L. Its road roller fall into four types: single-drum mechanical roller, single-drum hydraulic roller, double-drum roller and tire roller. The models of single-drum mechanical roller include XG6224M, XG6204M, XG6184M, XG6162M, and XG6142M; models of single-drum hydraulic roller are XG6261, XG6201, XG6181, XG6141, XG6122H and XG6121. The types of tire roller are XG6301P, XG62520, XG6261P, and XG6201P.

Introduction of XGMA:
Xiamen XGMA Machinery Co., Ltd, established in 1951, is a leading manufacturer of loaders, excavators, compact machineries, forklift trucks and road machineries in China. It has become a listed company since 1993, and its stock code is 600815.

Until 2010, XGMA has employees more than 6,000, 1000 of whom are professional technicians. Its total assets are 8.07billion yuan, and its net assets are about 3.23 billion yuan. Every year, XGMA can manufacture as many as 4,000 loaders, 15,000 excavators, 5,000 forklift trucks, and 3,000 road machineries.

Products of XGMA can be widely used in ground work of mining, engineering project, water conservancy, and port operation, as well as depot work such as shoveling, stacking, loading and unloading, hoisting, traction, transportation, etc. Featuring high efficiency and energy saving, equipment of XGMA has been well received by clients from Middle East, South Africa, Egypt, Southeast Asia, etc.

For those machines, we can provide them with tires, bearings, sealing devices, cutting board, hinge pins, radiator for water tanks, valves, oil tanks, and filter elements.

World Equipment (Changzhou) Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of XGMA spare parts (XCMG accessories) in China, and we also provide clients all over the world with other various spare parts of brand, including Komatsu, Liugong, SDLG, machinery, XGMA, Lonking, Shantui, Changlin, and so on. These spare parts have been well received by customers in different countries and territories, such as European, South-America, Middle-east, South-east and Africa. If you need XGMA spare parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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