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Excavator Spare Parts (Excavator Accessories)

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Supply Range of Excavator Spare Parts:
1. Both standard big and small arms, and lengthened big and small arms are available.
2. Our scrapper buckets include: standard bucket, rock bucket, strengthened bucket, guttery bucket, grid bucket, sieve bucket, cleaning bucket, tipping bucket, thumb bucket, and trapezoidal bucket.
3. We also provide rotary hydraulic grab bucket, hydraulic grabs, log grapples, mechanical gripper, quick-change connector and scarifier.
4. Quick connectors for excavating machineries, oil tanks, breaking hammer, hydraulic shears, hydraulic rammers, vibration hammers, bucket teeth, tooth holders, tracks, carrier rollers and supporting wheels are all available.
5. Also, we supply motors, hydraulic pumps, distribution valves, slewing bearings, operation cabs, operation valves, overflow valves and multi-way valves for clients worldwide.
6. Our electrical parts include starting motor, computer board, automatic refueling motor, operating lever assembly, display screen, throttle cable, magnetic valve, horn button, relay, instrument panel, safety plate, monitor, control panel, air conditioning compressor, oil suction pump, speed regulator, connector, timer, plug, preheating resistor, protecting device, operating lights, fuse diesel clock, loudspeaker assembly, controller, magnetic switch, hydraulic pressure switch, oil pressure switch, ignition switch, flameout switch, inductor(sensor), water temperature sensor, oil sensor, diesel sensor, automatic-throttle motor sensor, angle sensor, speed sensor, and pressure sensor.
7. Our chassis parts are made up of guide wheel, carrier wheel, track roller, driving wheel, chain, chain links, chain pin, bucket spindle, kate assembly, guide wheel bracket, rubber track, tension device, universal crossing shaft, chain plate screw, spring, chain plate, chain joint, chain-protection rack and the like.
8. Our hydraulic components are water-pump repair kits, breaking-hammer repair kits, distribution valve repair kits, hydraulic pump repair kits, rotary pump repair kits, oil tank repair kits, travel motor repair kits, hydraulic cylinder, piston, bucket cylinder, cylinder barrel, piston rod, large nut and so on.

Description of Excavator:
The excavator, also called digger, is a kind of machine specially used to scrapper bucket (or shovel) to dig materials above or under its working surface, and it can load these materials onto transport vehicles before unloading them in stack yards. It is capable of handling soil, coal, silt, loosen soil and rocks.

As a professional supplier of excavator spare parts, World Equipment (Changzhou) Co., Ltd can also supply clients worldwide with many other spare parts for heavy equipment, construction machineries and diesel engines, such as Komatsu, Liugong, SDLG, Machinery, XGMA, Lonking, Shantui, Changlin, Cummins, SDEC, Weichai, Yuchai, etc. Our spare parts have been widely exported to many different countries and regions, like European, South-America, Middle-east, South-east and Africa. If you’re interested in excavator accessories, please contact us freely.

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