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Road Roller Spare Parts (Road Roller Accessories)

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Supply Scope of Road Roller Spare Parts:
In China, the main manufacturers of roller are XCMG, YTO Group Corporation, XGMA, Liugong Group, SANY Group, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd, and Changlin Company Ltd.
And our road roller spare parts include air filter, machine filter, diesel filter, dashboard (instrument panel), switch, cab assembly, radiator, motor, pump, roller gear, gear ring, differential mechanism, sealing device, repair kit, tyres, and so on.

Description of Road Roller:
The road roller, sometimes also called roller compactor or just roller, is a kind of engineering vehicle widely used in the large-scale filling and compacting work of high-grade highways, railways, airport runways, dams, stadiums, etc. It is capable of compacting sandy, clay and semi-clay soil, gravel, concrete and asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations.

The road rolled can be divided into two types: static and vibration. Through making use of its own gravity effect, the static series is suitable for a wide variety of compacting operations, and falls into types: steel wheel and tyred (or tire).

Features of Steel Wheel Road Roller:
1. Mechanical or hydraulic drive mode has been used by it to efficiently compact asphalt roads.
2. Combustion motor is used to supply motive power.
3. Articulated turn structure and all-wheel drive mode have been designed for it.
4. Scraper blades are designed for its front and back grinding wheels to remove adhesive matters.

Features of Tyred Roller:
1. Pneumatic tyres are used in its grinding wheels. Usually, there are 3 to 5 front wheels and 4 to 6 back wheels.
2. Hydraulic or mechanical transmission system is designed for this tyred roller.
3. Single and all-wheel driving modes are available.
4. Good maneuverability and high moving speed can always be found in this kind of roller.
5. It is especially suitable for compacting engineering cushions of roads, airports and the like.

Features of Vibration Road Roller:
1. It is developed by adding a vibration exciter to the static road roller.
2. Tire type, double-vibration type and combined type are available.
3. Its eccentric block exciter can be driven both mechanically and hydraulically.
4. The vibration road roller features big compacting thickness, good performance and high productivity.

World Equipment (Changzhou) Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of road roller spare parts in China, and we also provide clients all over the world with other various spare parts, including&Komatsu, Liugong, SDLG, Machinery, XGMA, Lonking, Shantui, Changlin, Cummins, SDEC, Weichai, Yuchai, etc. These spare parts have been well received by customers in different countries and territories, such as European, South-America, Middle-east, South-east and Africa. If you need road roller accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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